Return on Ad Spend Calculator

Use this calculator to predict your expected return on ad spend.

Return on ad spend calculator

Is it really worth running ads?

As a business, it’s quite often difficult to determine the return on investment from marketing campaigns, whether that be using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other ad platform. At Unreal Growth we’ve devised a Return on ad spend (ROAS) calculator to help businesses predict – with a high degree of accuracy – what their potential ROI will be. 

Project monthly budget


How much is your monthly advertising budget?

If you don’t currently have a budget in place for marketing and ads, please input your target monthly budget here. Ideally, our calculator will suggest a budget that would help you see a beneficial ROI.



Expected CPC


How much are you willing to pay for a click?

The cost-per-click (CPC) for your ads will vary depending on the platform, audience and industry you’re in.

If you’re running Google Ads, you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to estimate the average cost per click (CPC) for keywords related to your business. Meanwhile, if you’re using an ad platform like Meta Facebook Ads, then you can either determine expected CPC via previous ads that you’ve ran or search the industry’s average CPC.



Target Conversion Rate


How often do visitors/clicks convert to leads?

Target conversion rate is the percentage of visitors on your landing page (or lead-form) who complete a desired action, such as filling out a lead form. From this perspective, if you know how often a visitor converts into a lead on your website (or via a lead-form such as Facebook Ads Instant-Form), you can use that information to gain a better understanding of your potential ROI. 



Average Sale Price


On average, how valuable is a single customer?
Every business has a different strategy for what it’s worth to have a customer. For some, a new customer is worth more than the lifetime value of an existing one; for others, it’s the opposite. Figure out which is more valuable based on your business’ situation, and then try adjusting the slider to see how it impacts your overall ROAS.



Lead To Customer Rate


What percentage of your potential leads convert into customers?
If lead-to-customer rate is not increasing as expected (or decreasing), there may be a problem with how the leads are being generated and delivered. It’s important to monitor this number and make sure it stays within (or exceeds) your latest industry benchmarks.




Number of clicks


Number of Leads




Value of a Lead

Expected Revenue


Expected Profit


Return on Ad Spend


What if you could improve your business decision making by 10 times?

Imagine if you could look at your business and see all the moving parts as clearly as if you were looking at it from above. What if you had the power to predict upcoming returns and results before they happen, so that you can adjust and optimize them? How valuable would that knowledge be in improving your decision making for the long-term growth of the business?

Our simple to use Business Intelligence (BI) workflow enables you to determine the expected Return on Investment (ROI) from all marketing campaigns you are aiming to implement, whether that be from Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and more. 

You would be able to: 

  • Determine the business’s viability (short and long-term)
  • Provide insight into where to allocate the company’s resources so that they are best used and leveraged for maximum impact.
  • Having integrated Machine Learning (ML) into the mix, you are able to make more accurate projections about how your business will perform in the future
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