First Principles of Business Growth & Scalability

What does it take to scale and achieve unreal business growth?

As an Agency we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with and providing services to many CEOs, Directors, and CMOs from a variety of industries including Ecommerce, Tradesman, Educators, SaaS and Emerging Technology (Crypto/Blockchain/Web3), strategizing with them on what’s most likely to yield the best returns and executing as an agency to make sure we deliver on the set expectations. Throughout this journey, we’ve gained an insight into what it takes for a business to grow, and how it expands to more than just ‘marketing’. Ultimately, it comes down to executing on four key factors (the ‘Scaling Factors’):

Principle 1: Business Clarity

Without a clear vision from the CEO’s side on the business’s short and long-term objectives (we advocate the OKR approach), the business’s internal and external methods of conducting the business will not be as focused. The people in the business may not have as clear an understanding of where they are heading. Consequentially, this would impact the quality of the product/service being provided, the communication and acquirement of resources (financial and non-financial), client acquisition and retention, and more.

Principle 2: Great product/service

Having full clarity on the business and who the target customers are, the product/service can be developed to not only align with the business’s objectives but also made to be of very high quality.

Principle 3: Operations/Processes

With a clear understanding of the business, who you’re marketing to and what products/services they need, the operations and processes of a business can be set up in a manner that ensures the “system” is kept efficient in delivering the outcome.

Principle 4: Marketing & Sales

With clarity on the business, target audience, product/service, and operations of the business, clear marketing strategies & tactics can be established and optimized for a specific target audience. In a manner that’s in line with the business’s ability or capacity to deliver on the product/service.

It all comes down to first principles, and these success factors are foundational in enabling a business to grow. From experience, we see that anytime a shortcut is taken in any one of these areas the business’s scalability and the likelihood of success decrease by quite a high margin, and the owners/directors of the business experience stress. At Unreal Growth, we take a holistic approach not only on the marketing front but also to our client’s internal business situation – in making sure that it’s clear to them what needs to happen for them to experience unreal ‘sustainable’ growth. Our mission as an agency is to ensure that our client’s businesses thrive digitally and grow to their fullest potential because no business should struggle in acquiring customers. In order to do that, a certain formula needs to be followed – one we can proudly say we’re exceptionally good at.

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